Brad Roemer’s Flea Market Tips

Brad Roemer’s favorite past-time when he needs to relax and be in the zen is scouting through flea markets. He’s a sucker for all things vintage, and when given the opportunity to venture through a new out-of-town flea market. As an avid interior designer and real estate entrepreneur, making time for scooping up new deals doesn’t always come easy. There are a few tips that one should follow in order to scout out the best items from a flea market, as we all know that the designers and collectors of this world continue to treasure some of the greatest steals in their homes and those of their clients. So what exactly is the secret potion that gets them those sacred pieces that you just wish you had the same eye for?


You’re may not like this one if you’re a night owl, but here’s the first one: All those designers have raided the flea market during the early hours of the morning. They got there first, that’s exactly how they got the pieces that you so dearly want. Aim to arrive at your local flea market at opening time and you are sure to score a few showcasing pieces for yourself.


Arriving at the flea market can become distracting. With a whole bunch of crowds emerging, the scent of thick hot dog breath and the complete sensory overload of people colors and shapes, it is easy to get off guard. That’s why Brad Roemer always comes prepared with a list of things he wishes to buy. Especially when buying specialty items for his clients, he needs to have a list to be the most efficient. Looking for a rustic, wooden coffee table for your living room or Egyptian stools for your bar? Note it down and you’ll find that the sensory havoc of everything going on at the flea market won’t distract.


The strategy when venturing through the craze of a flea market is always looking out for the big furniture pieces first, as those are the items that tend to go first. Brad Roemer will enter a flea market and walk around its entirety quickly, spotting pieces that he has his eye on by taking photos of it and jotting the booth number down and getting prices. Then he will do a second round that is slower in which he looks for smaller accessories, including artwork pieces, light fixtures, clothing and of course those dangling gypsy earrings that you so badly desire. If the big items are still there, then this is your chance to make a purchase.

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