Handy Methods to Help Others on Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day, only another reminder that we should be kinder to the earth as we pave a pathway of consumption and growth. As we populate the earth with more beautiful children, we somehow have let go of all the nuances associated with the importance of living a clean life. The extra $2 you spend on your local chicken is worth it… Not because it is healthier (which it is!), and not simply because you are helping to sustain your local economy, but because the toxic transmissions that are exalted into the air are grandiose if you think about how many miles it takes for your poultry to end up on your dinner table. Apart from the food choices you make to help prevent irreversible damage to our planet, you should also consider encouraging the community to make a positive impact on their ecological footprint. Want to try your Handy luck at de-cluttering your space without a cleaner from Handy to take over, then try your luck at these ways to make your place more compatible with the world we live in today.


Purge through your canned foods

There are 795 million starving people in this world, and if you are by no means in this category then you should take a moment out of your day to give a helping hand to those in need. It is a tragic thought to digest that developing countries have millions of kids and adults who are malnourished. De-clutter your home by searching for your pantry for those handy canned food elements that you know you’re no longer going to reach for because you’ve either discovered a new brand of beans for your panissa or you know you’re not going to cook that pumpkin pie until next Thanksgiving, in which time your lovely pumpkin puree canned good will likely expire. Donate what you know you don’t need to those who know they need it and will take it all pleasantly. Make sure you’re only giving away non-expired, non-perishable goods—this should go without saying!


Goodbye towels

Are you a neat freak like us who separates your towels by guest bedroom, master bedroom, kids’ corner and cleaning utilities. While old towels do make for a handy rag, once a white towel takes on that tingy yellow coating, it’s a goodbye birdie. And you don’t really need to hold on to eight of those as rags! Give away your not good enough for the guests, not good enough for us towels and deliver them in a neat, bow-tied parcel to your local Salvation Army.

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