Kevin Sheehan’s Top Outbound Marketing Tools

As the owner of an e-commerce site, Kevin Sheehan feigns over inbound marketing strategies to avoid outdated pushy sales tactics. Creating prominent content that will catch potential customers’ attention, ensuring that the company’s branding is interactive and engaging on social media are methods that Sheehan has yapped on about to his team of marketers.



The Hudson Bay Example

However, there’s something about direct mail, e-mail marketing and cold calls that although embrace old-school marketing methods, actually continue to grasp generation’s that expect to receive a gift of a discount wrapped neatly in their inbox every now and again. Hudson Bay does this perfectly with their extensive list of subscribers in which they will send out a regular Hudson’s Bay Day where everything in the department store is on sale. The only issue with this is getting people too dependent on sales, causing them to only shop at the Bay when there’s a sale and no longer on a regular basis.


So what’s the stitch with outbound marketing tactics that can be adopted by modern marketers? Kevin Sheehan has tried a handful of tactics for his eyewear company and found a few new methods he wanted to pass on that he believe all marketers should be aware of.


Get them at the Midroll

Podcast listeners are growing more and more every month, and a perfect complement to radio ads is advertising with Midroll on a listener’s favorite podcast. Advertisers can decide which channels would work best for their target audience. For instance, in Kevin Sheehan’s case he likes to advertise on fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogs for his high-tech yet affordable eyewear options.


As Smooth as Jelli

While radio advertising is a clichéd, old-school technique, it’s effective when done properly. With close to 245 million listeners every week, you have people when they are the most attentive on their weekly commute. Sure, changing channels when the radio ad goes on is something that most people do but trying to get airtime with the broadcasters is a sweet way to get around having to put an ad out there. Or else, choose Jelli as a cue to get analytics on which radio channels will best suit your demand.

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