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India is that the second largest inhabited country within the world and it’s a marketplace for one.2 billion shoppers that indicate that it’s one in all the faster-growing economies within the world and therefore it needs economical transportations and provision business. Around hr of products square measure transported by roads compared with alternative modes of transportation. There has been a big increase in the business vehicles on the road within the recent times and many truckers load board specialists.  Increase in business vehicles could be a reflection of accelerating demand for the movement of products. In order to fulfill the market demand or to extend their margins, several truck homeowners square measure allowing overloading of their trucks risking the implications of in-transit problems also as its negative impact on the infrastructure. Full trucks destroy roads and highways; they lead to inflicting road accidents and killing many folks. There’s conjointly a big negative impact in terms of casualties, road blockages and negative productivity of the transport operations thanks to incidents involving vehicle overloading.

According to surveys by the Indian Foundation of Transport analysis and coaching, one in every 3 trucks within the country is full and that they square measure responsible for five-hundredths of road accidents. In 2011, full trucks accounted for 2 hundredths of road accidents and in 2013, around 38,370 folks were killed owing to these full vehicles. It’s an incontrovertible fact that once a truck is full, the management of the steering and brake square measure reduced. Additionally, frequent overloading reduces the productive lifetime of the truck also because of the productive lifetime of the road. In order to cut back the overloading of trucks and accidents, Government has taken some major steps. For example, a high penalty has been projected within the Road Transport and Safety Bill for those that fail to fits the new rules, with a suspension of permits for one month upon the primary offence and a cancellation of permits if the offence is recurrent.  But these measurements don’t seem to be enough to resolve the matter because the truck homeowners or operators square measure still continued to load their trucks on the far side the permissible shaft load to maximize every vehicle’s earnings. Similarly, the consignors of bulk commodities, like fertilizers, steel, and cement, overload the vehicles so as to avoid wasting on the freight value. Considering the trip political economy, they’re willing to pay higher costs to enter the town

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